Drake´s Legacy 3D-Visualization®
In   December   2015   I   decided   to   end   my   free   community   work   and   start   my own   business.   The   reason   wasn´t   the   community!   When   you   work   in   3D many   circumstances   define   your   success.   “Success”   in   this   case   means the   use   of   your   work.   If   you   have   read   all   my   references,   you   maybe remember    that    the    former    Crysis    modification    Drake´s    Legacy ”    was stopped   because   of   the   very   little   support   of   this   ancient   theme.   At   the lowest   only   2   members   worked   for   the   modification.   At   this   time   I   looked around   and   started   a   cooperation   with   the   “Pirates   Ahoy!”    community.   We combined   our   powers   in   the   CryEngine©    and   tried   to   realize   the   new project    Hearts    Of    Oak ”.    A    self-made    free    indie    game.    Because    of
unsolvable   CryEngine©   blockers,   the   team   decided   later   down   the   road   to   move   to   another   Engine ( Unity© ).   With   this   decision,   one   circumstance   disqualified   most   of   my   models.   Mostly   they   have   too many   polygons   and   are   too   detailed.   Maybe   this   sounds   strange   but   for   the   focused   compatibility   the models weren’t suitable. Well,   in   2007   (when   I   entered   the   Crysis©   community)   I   had   overhauled   many   models   and   prepared them   for   the   new   features. The   same   I   had   to   repeat   when   we   left   Crysis©   (CryEngine   2)   and   took   on CryEngine©   3   Free   SDK   as   new   Engine.   Well,   and   the   same   again   when   we   started   to   work   for “Hearts Of Oak”. And now… for commercial selling. That’s boring, isn’t it? Long   story   short:   Although   I   created   an   additional   free   online   database   for   common   parts   of   ship modelling   and   although   I   spent   the   major   part   of   the   initial   phase   in   writing   and   publishing   dozens   of tutorials,   we   didn’t   get   any   noticeable   CryEngine©   success. Again   much   work   for   „no“   use.   This   is   by far   no   judgment   about   the   community,   it   is   an   ascertainment   what   has   happened   to   my   models   and documentations. For years. Again and again. Would   you   work   more   than   9   years   (up   from   Crysis   in   2007)   for   „no“   use   of   your   stuff?   I   worked   hard for   it   but   since   the   good   old   GTA   times ,   none   of   the   assets   I   produced   got   a   relevant   importance   in any   game   or   modification.   Many   people   said   that   my   theme   is   too   unique   and   no   one   is   interested   in it,   but   that’s   my   theme.   And   why   should   I   create   any   asset   in   low   quality   or   assets   I   don’t   want   to create?   It   doesn’t   make   sense   to   me. Actually,   Chris   Roberts   with   Star   Citizen© ,   is   a   similar   example to   move   up   a   dream.   It   is   possible   to   realize   a   seafaring   game!   I   have   a   lot   of   patience   and   work forward with ever with strong power. I   finished   the   theme   for   me   in   the   end   of   2015   and   founded   my   own   business   in   2016 ,   as   small entrepreneur   next   to   my   real   life   day   job.   From   now   on,   I   create   or   overhaul   my   models   and   sell   them on   the   most   typical   marketplaces   for   digital   content   in   the   world   wide   web.   Next   to   this,   I’m   working on my scientific elaboration  in the gun theme. If   you   are   interested   in   my   work   and   what   has   happened   recently,   please   check   my   homepage regularly. Thank you very much for your support and understanding my decision!        
What is on the plan in the future?
I   have   an   additional   hint   for   you.   If   you   sometimes   need   good patterns    or    ideas    for    ornamentation    for    your    own    work,    I recommend   this   over   400   pages   strong   book!   It   contains   a   lot   of decoration   elements,   geometrical   patterns,   natural   forms,   artificial objects and much more!  The   „Handbook   of   Ornament“   by   Franz   Sales   Meyer,   is   a   great book and highly recommended. Paperback: 576 Pages Publisher: Dover Pubn Inc (1. February 2000) Language: Englisch Buy this book at Amazon.de (Germany) Buy this book at Amazon.co.uk (UK) Buy this book at Amazon.com (USA)
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The bronze gun patterns by Albert Borgard and John Armstrong and the evolution of European gun proportions
The gun patterns This   is   still   my   favourite   theme.   Years   ago, the     analysis     of     Borgard     and     Armstrong
bronze   guns   happened   by   coincidence.   I   wanted   to   build   a cannon   for   a   ship   and   noted   that   no   good   information   existed. Especially   about   bronze   guns   in   the   early   years   of   1700.   The gun   theme   is   not   simple.   On   the   contrary,   it   is   very   complex. Especially    information    about    true    patterns    and    weights.    My challenge   is   to   solve   the   theme   around   the   true   Albert   Borgard Bronze    pattern    of    1716    and    the    evolution    to    the    John Armstrong ones. My   motivation   is   to   continue   and   expand   the   former   leading author’s   Adrian   B.   Caruana´s   and   Charles   Trollope´s   work   in   a meaningful way!  If   you   are   interest   in   more   information,   please   take   a   look   at   the separate overview  about my scientific elaboration. Please    feel    free    to    contact    me    if    you    have    any    options    to realize   the   measuring   of   both   hidden   1737‘   Victory   guns   in Historical Dockyard in Portsmouth! Thank you very much!
Selling models on several platforms in the world wide web
Selling content In   the   past   I   made   my   models   for   free,   mostly   in   communitys   or   for   private   projects.   To   prevent   these dozens   models   from   „rusting“   on   my   hard   drive   disks   and   to   make   money   for   expanding   my   working possibilities,   I   have   chosen   to   prepare   and   sell   them   on   common   platforms   in   the   internet.   This   is   a complex process and will be a while till all ones are purchasable. As   variety   to   the   overhauling   of   my   existing   content   I   started   new   assets   for   sale.   Please   check   out the common platforms for my assets!
Corporations   are   not   a   simple   duty,   in   contrary! A   collaboration   is   a   major   factor   in   success because   not   just   the   trust   to   other   people   but also   the   final   result   has   a   much   higher   quality as the work of little people. Within   my   possibilities   I   still   support   my   friends from   Wolf   Pack   Games    and   the   Pirates   Ahoy!   community   and   am   very   happy   that   so   many people   share   the   same   interest   in   such   a   rare theme. I   would   especially   highlight   the   HMS   Unicorn Virtual    Museum ,    Tides    of    War:    Letters    of Marque  and Hearts Of Oak , as common work. 
The advertising picture by Wolf Pack Games HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx The 1737' Victorys 24-pounder, 10 feet long, weight 46cwt in an early state. The dolphins and the carriage are placeholders. The 1737' Victorys 24-pounder, 10 feet long, weight 46cwt in an early state. The dolphins and the carriage are placeholders. HMS-Sphynx
suitable   for   future-proof   use.   As   a   result   I   only   kept   the   basic   pattern   of   the   hull   and   the   gallion   and recreated   the   whole   ship   completely   new   and   added   all   the   interior.   Although   the   ship   looks   nearly complete, many things are missing. The   standing   rigging   must   be   completed   as   well   as   a   few   parts   of   the   running   rigging.   I   only   want   to build   the   running   rigging   so   far   that   it   is   usable   as   dynamic   setup   in   any   3D-Engine.   After   finishing these   parts,   a   little   bit   of   upper   deck   work   is   needed   and   last   but   not   least   the   sails   and   flags.   Sounds like   little   work,   but   is   a   lot! The   standing   rigging   is   much   more   than   the   shrouds.   When   you   take   a   look at the yards, there is nothing. Just like at the bowsprit. Once   ready   for   sailing,   the   QA-phase   starts   and   after   fixing   all   errors   and   mistakes   the   next   (and   last) step follows: physical proxies, LODs and the final PBR material setup.
When    I    started    the    collaboration    with    the    “Pirates Ahoy!”    community   in   2014,   I   offered   him   to   finish   this vessel   and   set   it   up   for   use   in   the   CryEngine©.   Once   I started   the   overhauling   of   the   hull,   I   realized   that   the lowpoly-setup   for   the   Storm-engine   had   never   been
he never finished the ship.
Burning   Sea©”   by   Flying   Lab   Software©.   But
modification   of   the   game   “Pirates   Of   The
basic   hull   was   created   by   the   German user       “Stefan       Fleischer”,       for       a
The HMS-Sphynx Oh   yes,   perhaps   the   longest   project   I   have   ever started.   Why?   Well,   the   process   of   this   vessel was   always   interrupted   when   a   current   project reached    a    new    milestone.    Reworkings,    new tests, new setups, new tutorials. Whatever.  By   the   way,   there   is   an   interesting   story   about the    creation    of    this    ship.    Originally    just    the
Primarily,   I   want   to   finish   my   scientific   elaboration    and   some   long   term   projects   besides   a   few commercial   releases.   Below   you   will   find   a   text   and   a   list   with   preview   pictures   of   the   upcoming   work. You   can   view   them   all   as   gallery   by   clicking   on   any   picture   and   using   the   arrows.   You   can   enlarge individual pictures if you click on them directly. Have fun!
Expanding scientific elaborations
Since   the   success   of   my   3D-Reconstruction   of   British   bronze   guns,   scientific   work   has   been   an important   part   of   my   work.   I   extend   this   work   regularly   and   look   forward   to   new   interested   persons and customers. Please    feel    free    to    contact    me    if    you    are    interested    in    a    3D-reconstruction    with    a    scientific elaboration.   Such   work   is   the   future!   I   have   many   years   of   experience   in   the   museum   preparation   of historical    artifacts    and    know    the    most    common    3D-engines    and    display    techniques.    Take    the opportunity and start the modern and contemporary presentation of your content. Let   me   convince   you   of   my   references.   I   am   looking   forward   to   hearing   from   you!   I   am   your professional!