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In December 2015 I decided to start my own business. The reason wasn´t my previous done free community work or new purely economic reasons! I will explain briefly: When you work in 3D many circumstances influences personal fulfillment. „Fulfillment” in this case means the use of your work. If you have read all my references, you maybe remember that the former Crysis© modification Drake´s Legacy was stopped because of the very little support of this ancient theme. At the lowest only 2 members worked for the modification. At this time I looked around and started a cooperation with the “Pirates Ahoy!” community. We combined our powers in the CryEngine© and tried to realize the new project Hearts Of Oak ”, a self-
made free Indie game. Because of unsolvable CryEngine© blockers at these times, the team decided to move to another Engine ( Unity© ). With this decision, one circumstance disqualified most of my models. Mostly they are too detailed because these are scientific but no gaming models. Maybe this sounds strange but for the focused compatibility the models weren’t suitable. In 2007 (when I entered the Crysis© community) I had overhauled many models and prepared them for the new features. The same I had to repeat when we left Crysis© (CryEngine 2) and took on CryEngine© 3 Free SDK as new Engine. Well, and the same again when we started to work for Hearts Of Oak in Unity© . Regardless of the fact that I have a good long-term motivation, it was not satisfactory and far from fulfilling. As result of this experience I started my own business for the field where my work is need and helpful. To show potential customers that i am serious about this work I founded not just an own business but also the registered trademark „Drake´s Legacy 3D-Visualization®“. The registration of my word- figurative-mark took place on the 4th of November in 2016 and was published by the German Patent- and Trademark Office on the 9th of December in 2016. Its design shall remind the old markings of cast masters, shaped to an independent full logo with added own graphics and signs. At its upper area you can clearly read the text „A R D FECIT“, which is a tribute to the former Royal Brass Foundries cast master Andrew Schalch. His sign at guns base- ring was „A. Schalch Fecit“ (followed by the year of casting) which means symbolic „A. Schalch made it“. Info: The word „fecit“ is Latin. The „A“ in my word-figurative-mark is set separately but should only clarify the symbolic meaning. In my case the letters „R D“ represents the first letters of my first and last name „Roman Domel“, followed by „fecit“ and the year „2002“ (besides the center graphic), when I started 3D-work. In the lower area you can clearly read my former Crysis-modifications name Drake´s Legacy “, which is now part of my mark. Both phrases together shall tell the viewer „Roman Domel made it in 2002 - Drake´s Legacy“. Why I chose the name „Drake´s Legacy“: When I watched a documentation about Sir Francis Drake and his role in the battles against the Spanish treasure tleet I got the idea to combine this elements for a story around a lost treasure. But I knew then that this is far away from being a new topic. What was need is a great new adventure story. Please read more about this decision on my specific page . Last but not least you will notice in the center of my word-figurative-mark a custom graphic. The form represents a sailing vessel by using the letters „D“ and „L“.
What is on the plan in the future?
I have an additional hint for you. If you sometimes need good patterns or ideas for ornamentation for your own work, I recommend this over 400 pages strong book! It contains a lot of decoration elements, geometrical patterns, natural forms, artificial objects and much more! The „Handbook of Ornament“ by Franz Sales Meyer, is a great book and highly recommended. Paperback: 576 Pages Publisher: Dover Pubn Inc (1. February 2000) Language: Englisch Buy this book at Amazon.de (Germany) Buy this book at Amazon.co.uk (UK) Buy this book at Amazon.com (USA)
Corporations are not a simple duty, in contrary! A collaboration is a major factor in success because not just the trust to other people but also the final result has a much higher quality as the work of little people. Within my possibilities I still support my friends from Wolf Pack Games and the Pirates Ahoy! community and am very happy that so many people share the same interest in such a rare theme. I would especially highlight the HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum , Tides of War: Letters of Marque and Hearts Of Oak , as common work.
The advertising picture by Wolf Pack Games HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx HMS-Sphynx
started the overhauling of the hull, I realized that the lowpoly-setup for the Storm-engine had never been suitable for future-proof use. As a result I only kept the gallion and recreated the whole ship completely new (by using the book „Anatomy Of The Ship Pandora“), including its interior. Although the ship looks nearly complete, many things are missing. The main reason is its role as test-object because the techniques for some parts are still in research by using the latest CryEngine© .
Burning Sea© by Flying Lab Software©. But he never finished the ship. When I started the collaboration with the “Pirates Ahoy!” community in 2014, I offered him to finish this vessel and set it up for use in the CryEngine© . Once I
modification of the game Pirates Of The
the German user “Stefan Fleischer”, for a
Originally just the basic hull was created by
By the way, there is an interesting story about the creation of this ship.
An example - „ The HMS-Sphinx (1775) Oh yes, perhaps one of the longest projects I have ever started. Why? Well, the process of this vessel was always interrupted when a current project reached a new milestone or other (more urgent) work comes in. Otherwise the vessel is still a huge learning process with the evolution of the CryEngine© . Many, many tests, reworkings, new setups…
Primarily, in the future I work on scientific elaborations (like this one), in the CryEngine© , at some long term projects and make commercial or voluntary work. With it, each project have its own dynamic, its own requirements and its own priority. In addition, there are always new opportunities and with every new task I get to know more people. The main finding is that working together is very fulfilling too. Info: For current projects in CryEngine© please visit me at discord .
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