Senior 3D-Artist at Pirates Ahoy! - community´s indie game development "Hearts Of Oak"
In   May   2014,   I   decided   to   close   my „Crysis©”       modification       „Drake´s Legacy”     and    started    a    cooperation with    the    community    Pirates   Ahoy!   (short   „PA!”).   The   timing   was   chosen on   purpose.      „PA!”   had   the   idea   to develop     their     own     game,     named „Hearts    Of    Oak”     and    discussed    in their   open   forums   about   this   theme and   a   possible   engine.   Their   former main     projects     were     mainly     the modding     of     all     „Akella´s”     Pirate Games. The    community    there    seems    very well      organized      and      after      my registration    I    found    a    lot    of    helpful information    about    the    great    age    of sail.   And    of    course    a    very    friendly team! On    basis    of    my    experience    I    was able   to   convince   the   staff   about   the „CryEngine©    Free    SDK”,    although they   had   started   their   own   research into     the     „Unity©”     game     engine before.   Based   on   my   written   tutorials and   presentations   of   my   already   finished   content,   could   we   convince   the   programmer   „Jehremie Woods” as Senior Developer for „Hearts Of Oak”.   In   August   2014,   just   3   months   after   starting   the   development   in   the   „CryEngine©   Free   SDK”,   the whole   team   had   to   make   the   decision   to   switch   the   development   to   the   new   „Unity©   5”   game   engine. In    August    2014    „Jehremie    Woods”    had    tried    all    possible    options    to    realize    the    game    in    the „CryEngine©”   but   too   many   blockers   prevented   this.   The   change   of   the   engine   was   needed.   For many   features,   we   had   needed   full   access   to   the   source   code,   but   the   Free   SDK   didn´t   have   it. After switching    the    engine,    I    left    the    active    part    of    engine    work    and    focused    my    power    on    asset development.   „Jehremie”   got   new   support   by   the   other   Unity   programmer   „Justin   Howell”   and   both moved the coding forward. In    July    2015,    „Jehremie”    decided    to leave   his   position   as   Senior   Developer and    switched    his    focus    to    his    own „Unity©”   engine   based   game   „Letters   Of Marque” .    In    2016    he    expanded    his efforts   and   renamed   the   game   to   „Tides Of   War   -Letters   Of   Marque-“   and   started (besides       its       development)       official projects   for   historical   customers.   „Justin” and   „Christian   Tornholm-Lehn“   followed him into this two-sided development. After    „Jehremie´s”    decision,    I    decided for    myself    to    leave    my    position    as Senior   3D-Artist   too.   Not   only   because   „Jehremie´s”   decision.   My   high   level   of   detail   and   quality provided   a   very   high   polycount.   A   circumstance   no   game   engine   can   handle   easily.   Please   do   not understand this statement wrong.  The   technical   evolution   goes   forward   and   with   the   right   setup   those   models   are   sure   usable,   but   I have   found   my   major   interest   in   the   creation   of   content   „without“   borders.   And   please   note,   this method is my best compromise between result and available time. Whenever    developers    talk,    the    next    question    is    predictable.    „What    engine    is    better”    can´t    be answered   simply   and   is   no   part   of   my   website!   I   work   in   more   than   one   Engine   and   love   their   different advantages.   When   you   are   looking   for   a   game   engine,   please   test   them.   In   the   meantime   many   of them are available for free, so you can find out what fits best for you. Long   story   short:   When   you   work   as   small   entrepreneur   besides   your   real   life   job   and   family,   you don’t have much time. The only correct solution was to limit my engine work.       Despite   the   separation   of   active   paths   and   development   chains,   all   involved   people   are   still   members in the “PA!” community, maintain a good connection and help each other. Below a few impressions of the time we worked together in „Hearts Of Oak“. Our    Senior    Programmer    „Jehremie    Woods“    released    many    movies    on    youtube,    about    the development progress. Here is one of them:
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The   community   „Pirates Ahoy!“    publish   regular   updates   too   and   spread   the   word   in   all   common   social plattforms, like Twitter , facebook  and a youtube-channel . Like   I   have   written   in   the   text   above,   „Jehremie   Woods“   founded   „Wolf   Pack   Games“   together   with „Justin   Howell“   and   „Christian   Tornholm-Lehn“   and   started   the   development   of   their   own   game   „Tides Of   War   -Letters   Of   Marque-“ .   Although   all   information   will   shared   between   us   all,   I   have   linked   the relevant pages in this text. Here the link to „Wolf Pack Games“ youtube channel . And „Jehremie Wood´s“ youtube channel . New    cooperations    will    bring    us    regularly    together again.   To   convince   customers   about   new   techniques (especially   „Virtual   Reality“   (short   „VR“)),   „Wolf   Pack Games“   started   some   reference   projects   for   historical exhibitons   besides   its   game   development.   The   first   outstanding   work   you   will   find   is   the   „HMS- Unicorn“ project . To   expand   the   possible   options   for   the   future,   we   will   add   maybe   my   researched   gun   patterns   (Albert Borgard, 1716 and John Armstrong, 1722). In   this   period   of   my   references   I   won’t   add   much   more   media   because   most   of   my   assets   correlates with   the   ones   I   used   in   my   former   „Drake´s   Legacy”   modification   of   „Crysis©”. Additionally,   the   official regular   news   of   the   development   of   „Hearts   Of   Oak“   contains   all   work   I   have   done   for   the   game. Many   people   work   and   worked   for   this   project   and   I   won’t   miss   any   copyrights.   When   you   are interested   to   read   more   about   the   Indie-developments   please   browse   its   homepages   or   social   media resources, I have linked in the text above.
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