Quake 3 Arena© mapping
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Before   I   write   something   about   my   work   in   Quake   3 Arena©,   I   won’t   forget   to   say   that   the   roots   of   all modern   computer   games   are   based   on   one   single   programmer’s   work.   His   name:   John   Carmack. Together    with    three    others    he    founded    the    company    „id-Software©“    on    1    February    1991.    „id- Software©“   published   the   first   3D-   first-person-shooter   „Wolfenstein-3D©“   with   an   additional   level- editor   in   May   1992.   Its   technical   realization   was   pioneering,   pathbreaking   and   revolutionary. This   year (2016)   they   created   the   „Wolfenstein-3D-Engine©“.   John   Carmack   developed   many   techniques   too. For    example    the    „scrolling“,    which    allows    image    movements    on    PCs.   Through    insisting    on    the realization    of    his    ideas    and    the    advance    of    new    techniques    he    offered    crucial    support    to    the development   of   graphic   accelerators.   John   Carmack   permanently   pushed   the   boundaries   of   technical possibilities.   He   is   one   of   the   most   important   people   in   the   field   of   technical   development   and inventions.   In   2001   he   was   admitted   to   the   Academy   of   Interactive Arts   and   Sciences'   Hall   of   Fame and   got   a   star   on   the   Walk   Of   Fame “   in   March   2006.   Furthermore   he   got   an   Emmy    and   an   honorary award   on   the   Games   Developers   Conference    in   2010.   And   last   but   not   least   in   2016   he   got   the Fellowship Award  at the „ BAFTA Video Games Awards “. Maybe   someone   has   noticed   that   he   is   involved   in   the   development   of   the   „Oculus-VR-headset©“   as well.   Any   player   who   plays   a   3D-game   today   uses   his   roots.   Beside   a   few   other   people,   he   got   my deepest respect and greatest gratitude for his work and inspiration!
My original Quake 3 Arena(c) version
But   why   do   I   tell   you   all   this?   Well,   the   game   Quake   3 Arena©   is published   by   id-Software©,   too.   Like   so   many   other   things   by John   Carmack   and   id-Software©,   this   game   set   new   standards and    was    used    as    benchmark    for    processor-    and    graphic performance    for    years.   And    it    was    my    true    root    in    realizing modifications   for   PC-games.   If   you   read   my   previous   period   you know    that    my    primary    talent    at    this    time    was    the    editing    of hexadecimal-   or   assembly   codes.   But   with   Quake   3   Arena©   I found    new    enthusiasm    in    the    modification    of    visual    game content,   because   the   game   was   also   supported   by   an   official level editor ( GTKRadiant ). Unfortunately   almost   all   our   old   links   in   the   internet   are   dead. This concerns: www.q3a.net www.betamap.de www.planetquake.de     (can    be    found    on    www.inquake.de     but contains no archived entries from 1999).
For   my   Quake   3©   projects   I   have   written   an   short   shader   tutorial,   to   archive   the   setup   of   my   maps. With   this   game,   I   never   tried   cheating   projects   like   for   the   former   PlayStation©   games,   because   it   was the first one I also played on the internet as Multiplayer. The   period   from   1999   till   2002   seems   long   but   I   did   not   spend   the   same   amount   of   time   in   mapping and   scripting   as   for   later   projects.   In   1999   I   bought   my   first   modern   muscle   car,   a   Chevrolet   Camaro Z28© and of course spent a lot of time with its modification, too. Please   never   forget   that   in   the   1990´s   our   whole   life   environment   was   completely   different.   Back   then, we   didn’t   have   mobile   phones,   Full-HD,   TFT-   or   OLED-displays,   fast   internet   connections   and   much more…   I   used   a   56k   analog-modem   till   the   year   2000   and   switched   to   64k   ISDN   afterwards.   It   wasn’t until September 2002 that I got one of the new DSL-connections (T-DSL 1000). (Source for John Carmack´s details partially Wikipedia) Additionally a few pictures of my Quake 3 Arena© work below: