Sony© PlayStation©
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In   1995,   Sony©   released   the   PlayStation©.   I   remember   the   time   very   well   when   I   played   the   first games   Gran   Tourismo©   and   Resident   Evil©   on   it.   Yes,   at   that   time   I   played   a   lot,   in   contrary   to   the later   PC   games.   Because   of   my   education   I   turned   my   interest   quickly   to   the   upcoming   cheat modules   (no   modchips!)   like   the   EXPLODER©    by   Fire   International©   and   the   modification   of   game data. In   the   1990´s,   use   of   the   internet   was   not   widespread   and   people   mainly   got   their   cheats   and   help through   magazines.   Because   of   the   faster   access   through   the   internet,   we   founded   a   community where   we   shared   our   knowledge   and   discovered   cheats   with   others.   This   was   a   long   time   before   the big official portals. I   focused   my   editing   mainly   on   the   Resident   Evil©   series   and   turned   all   my   knowledge   into   tutorials, including   maps.   I   also   created   a   cheat-book   collecting   the   most   common   games.   If   you   like,   you   can download my very old documents for the PlayStation© in the downloads section. Below are a few impressions of this good old time.
One of the maps I made for an Resident Evil walkthrough My original 1996 notes of a cheat-search-process My original 1996 cheatbook, I published in upcomming internetcommunitys. My original 1998 Resident Evil 2 hexadecimal-cheat-tutorial. My original PlayStation(c), with Exploder(c) and games.