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PiratesAhoy!   is   a   great   community   for   all   fans   of   pirates   and   the   Age   of   Sail,   centred   around   games,   books,   and movies. The   community   is   currently   developing   their   own   non-commercial   indie   title,   Hearts   of   Oak:   Conquest   of   the   Seas, which is their first standalone game project. They   have   traditionally   been   a   modding   community,   their   flagship   works   being   the   unified   Build   Mod   (AKA   New Horizons)   for Akella's   2003   game   Pirates   of   the   Caribbean,   and   the   Gentlemen   of   Fortune   mod   for   the   more   recent game, Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships©. The   community   is   free   for   anyone   to   join,   regardless   of   age,   nationality   or   ability,   and   they   always   warmly   welcome any   and   all   new   members   to   their   site.   I   have   never   seen   a   more   friendly   and   professional   community   like   Pirates Ahoy! They're always on the lookout for beta testers, coders, modellers, texture artists and anyone with new ideas! For more information and to join the community, please visit: www.piratesahoy.net  and heartsofoakgame.com .
Wolf   Pack   Games   was   founded   by   the   Pirates   Ahoy!   members   Jehremie   Woods,   Christian   Tornholm-Lehn   and Justin   Howell   for   own   projects.   After   Jehremie   had   left   his   position   as   lead   programmer   at   the   Pirates   Ahoy! communities   project   „Hearts   of   Oak“,   they   have   chosen   to   produce   a   more   specific   version   of   an   naval   warfare game in Unity. Although   it   looks   like   a   static   separation   of   different   interests,   all   involved   people   are   still   friends,   members   in   the Pirates Ahoy! community and help each other! Wolf   Pack   Games   works   more   dynamic   as   the   PA!   community.   The   team   focus   different   projects   as   support options   and   started   their   game   project   with   regularly   updates   and   alpha-   /   betatests,   besides   different   other developments.   Please   check   out   their   website   wolfpackgames    and   tidesofwargame    for   more   information   and whats actually happend.