Downloads for CryEngine© (contains Autodesk© Maya© information) - available only in German language!
Tutorial Author: Roman Domel, 120 Pages, Language: German! Exporting a model from Autodesk© Maya© for the CryEngine© 3 (Free SDK). Including the creation of a rig with controls, inverse kinematic, constraints and binding & painting. Additional information about LOD-creation and physical proxies. Chapter 1: Building the rig Chapter 2: Binding & Skinning, Ingame-Bindpose Chapter 3: Controls & Inverse Kinematic Chapter 4: Animation & Export for CryEngine© 3
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Tutorial Author: Roman Domel, 141 Pages, Language: German! Maya© export of a mesh and import in 3D STUDIO MAX©. Preparing the mesh for Touch- und Detailbending. Subsequently Export for Crysis© and building a *.PAK. Placing the new object in Crysis©. Please click on the 2nd picture to go to the table of contents (German)!
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