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The HMS-Sphynx (work in progress) My reconstructed bronze 24-pounder, length 10 feet, weight 46 cwt, from the 1737' Victory wreck site. Originally cast by Andrew Schalch in 1723 (in the Royal Brass Foundry Woolwich). My reconstructed Dolphin for Albert Borgard bronze guns.
In    modern    times,    the    habits    and    customs    of    the internet    are    different.    It    is    commonly    assumed    that there   is   a   vital   difference   between   ancient   ethics   and modern   morality.   To   prevent   any   misunderstandings,   I recommend   to   first   read   my   websites   disclaimer   and privacy   statement    before   you   browse   or   download   any content. My   name   is   Roman   Domel   and   I   am   a   3D-Artist,   with my   main   field   of   activity   being   history.   The   purpose   of my   website   is   to   provide   you   with   a   huge   and   detailed overview   of   my   work   and   the   projects   &   developments I   was   or   am   involved   in.   My   references   contain   a   lot   of my   former   noncommercial   work   too,   which   I   created   in the    time    before    I    founded    my    own    business    and registered     the     trademark     „Drake´s     Legacy     3D- Visualization®“.   The   registration   of   my   word-figurative- mark took place on the 4th of November 2016 and was published by the German Patent- and Trademark Office on the 9th of December 2016. All my commercial digital work will be sold only on specific marketplaces. My website contains no shop but by using the button above your donation is greatly appreciated!   For   free   non   commercial   downloads   and   publications, you   can   browse   the   separate   section   „downloads“.   For individual    orders    or    interest    in    printed    publications please   use   the   contact   information,   which   you   will   find on my disclaimer and privacy statement .   Since the success of my 3D-Reconstruction of British bronze guns, scientific work has been    an    important    part    of    my    work.    I    extend    this subject     area     regularly     and     look     forward     to     new interested persons and customers. Please   feel   free   to   contact   me   if   you   are   interested   in   a 3D-Reconstruction   with   a   scientific   elaboration.   Such work    is    the    future!    Not    only    for    the    presentation,    it opens    up    completely    new    possibilities    of    scientific representation! I    have    many    years    of    experience    in    the    museum preparation   of   historical   artifacts   and   know   the   most common   3D-engines   and   display   techniques.   Take   the opportunity   and   start   the   modern   and   contemporary presentation of your content! Let    me    convince    you    of    my    references.    I    am looking   forward   to   hearing   from   you!   I   am   your professional! When    your    browse    my    references    you'll    find    that    I show   you   my   references   structured   from   old   computer- times   until   today.   But   this   is   not   just   a   static   timeline. It´s   a   small   time   travel   through   the   last   decades   of   my work and invites you to revel in your own memories.
Please   feel   free   to   browse   my   references,   by   using   the   top   menu   of   my   website.   You   can   view included    pictures    as    gallery    by    clicking    on    any    picture    and    using    the    arrows.   You    can    enlarge individual pictures if you click on them directly. Have fun! Last   but   not   least   I   give   you   a   sneak   peek   of   one   of   my   current   projects,   which   is   at   the   moment   work in    progress    and    not    described    on    a    own    detailed    subpage.    It    is    the    3D-Reconstruction    of    a Renaissance moated castle, first mentioned in 1276. The    screenshot    below    shows    a    medieval    vaulted    wall    covered    with    a    Renaissance    paneling. Reconstructions   like   these   based   on   a   huge   preliminary   work,   like   detailed   Laser-measurings   and deep   exploration   in   the   object.   As   simple   as   the   screenshot   maybe   looks,   his   content   it   is   by   far   not. The    3D-Reconstruction    resulted    that    the    window    was    originally    placed    much    further    left.    This knowledge   is   an   important   part   for   the   derivation   of   earlier   construction   stages,   especially   when plaster-datings deliver unusual results. To   protect   the   historical   building,   there   are   very   few   possibilities   for   studying   delineated   or   overbuilt older   structures. The   more   important   are   3D-Reconstructions   because   they   not   only   allow   the   freedom of investigation but also deliver valuable and otherwise unattainable results. For   a   better   understanding   of   the   accuracy   of   my   work   I   have   included   many   hints   of   the   literature   I used as well. I hope you enjoy my detailed themes. Roman Domel PS: My facebook-fanpage is a closed group, please contact me if you want to be admitted.
Moated Castle, Renaissance covering