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The HMS-Sphynx (work in progress) in CryEngine 5 My reconstructed bronze 24-pounder, length 10 feet, weight 46 cwt, from the 1737' Victory wreck site. Originally cast by Andrew Schalch in 1723 (in the Royal Brass Foundry Woolwich). My reconstructed Dolphin for Albert Borgard bronze guns.
Hello and thank you very much for visiting my website! My name is Roman Domel and I am an permanently employed Regional Manager, Scientific Employee and 3D-Artist, with the main field of activity being history and archaeology. There is nothing more to say than that I love my working field. For this reason and because there are so many interesting artifacts and projects, I create and publish a lot of private made content too. You are invited to browse my references and please feel free to contact me if you have questions, suggestions or orders. Please note: I founded my own small business to support individual orders in the field of cultural heritage - besides my voluntary work. I show you on my website an detailed overview of my private work and the projects & develop- ments I was or am involved in. For a better explanation my references contains many included hints of the literature I used as well. My website contains no shop but by using the downloads / publications button in the navigation bar above you have access to free non commercial downloads and publications. Please note: For individual orders or interest in printed publications please use the contact information, which you will find on my disclaimer and privacy statement page . Yours Roman Domel PS: My facebook-fanpage is a closed group, please contact me if you want to be admitted.
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